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Above:  R. B. Y. Scott

Image Source = Archives of The United Church of Canada; accessed at http://www.hymntime.com/tch/bio/s/c/o/t/scott_rby.htm

Robert Balgarnie Young Scott (1899-1987) was a minister in The United Church of Canada and a renowned Biblical scholar and academic.

I have scheduled him for addition (in  2019, most likely) to my Ecumenical Calendar of Saints’ Days and Holy Days at SUNDRY THOUGHTS, another one of my weblogs, which links to this one.


O Day of God, Draw Nigh:


Eternal, Unchanging, We Sing to Thy Praise:



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O Day of God, Draw Nigh   1 comment

Above:  Apotheosis of War, by Vasily Vereshchagin

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Hymnbook of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971)

Text (1937, 1939) by Robert Balgarnie Young (R. B. Y.) Scott (1899-1987)


O day of God, draw nigh

in beauty and in power;

come with thy timeless judgement

now to match our present hour.


Bring to our troubled minds,

uncertain and afraid,

the quiet of a steadfast faith,

calm of a call obeyed.


Bring justice to our land,

that all may dwell secure,

and finely build for days to come

foundations that endure.


Bring to our world of strife

thy sovereign word of peace,

that war may haunt the earth no more

and desolation cease.


O day of God, draw nigh,

as at creation’s birth;

let there be light again, and set

thy judgements in the earth.


Eternal, Unchanging, We Sing to Thy Praise   1 comment

Above:  Sunset, Athens, Georgia, June 16, 2018

Photographer = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971)

Text (1938) by Robert Balgarnie Young (R. B. Y.) Scott (1899-1987)


Eternal, Unchanging, we sing to thy praise:

thy mercies are endless, and righteous thy ways;

thy servants proclaim the renown of thy name

who rulest omnipotent, ever the same.


Again we rejoice in the world thou hast made,

thy mighty creation in beauty arrayed,

we thank thee for live, and we praise thee for joy,

for love and for hope that no power can destroy.


We praise thee for Jesus, our Master and Lord,

the might of his Spirit, the truth of his word,

his comfort in sorrow, his patience in pain,

the faith sure and steadfast that Jesus shall reign.


Ye Fair Green Hills of Galilee   1 comment

Above:  A Crucifix

Photograph by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Text (c. 1887) by Eustace Rogers Conder (1820-1892), for the Congregational Church Hymnal, or Hymns of Worship, Praise, and Prayer (1887), Congregational Union of England and Wales

Hymn Source = The Church Hymnary–Revised Edition (1927), several Old World Presbyterian denominations


Ye fair green hills of Galilee,

That girdle quite Nazareth,

What glorious vision did ye see,

When He who conquered sin and death

Your flowery slopes and summits trod,

and grew in grace with man and God?


“We saw no  glory crown His head,

As childhood ripened into youth;

No angels on His errands sped;

He wrought no sign; but meekness, truth,

And duty marked each step He trod,

And love to man, and love to God.”


Jesus! my Saviour, Master, King,

Who didst for me the burden bear,

While saints in heaven Thy glory sing,

Let me on earth Thy likeness wear;

Mine be the path Thy feet have trod,–

Duty, and love to man and God.


John Cennick   1 comment

Above:  John Cennick

Image in the Public Domain

John Cennick (1718-1755) was a British Moravian evangelist and hymn writer.


Be Present at Our Table, Lord:


Be with Me, Lord, Where’er I Go:


Children of the Heavenly King:


Ere I Sleep, For Every Favor:


Hail, Alpha and Omega:


Lamb of God Beloved:


No Farther Go To-Night, But Stay:


Rise, My Soul, Adore Thy Maker:



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Be Present at Our Table, Lord   1 comment

Above:  Family Dining Room, 1921-1922

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-npcc-30489

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) (1923), Moravian Church in America

Text (1740) by John Cennick (1718-1755)


Be present at our table, Lord;

Be here and everywhere adored;

From Thy all-bounteous hand our food

May we receive with gratitude.


We humbly thank Thee, Lord our God,

For all Thy gifts on us bestowed;

And pray Thee, graciously to grant

The food which day by day we want.


Ere I Sleep, For Every Favor   1 comment

Above:  Dusk

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) (1923), Moravian Church in America

Text by John Cennick (1718-1755)


Ere I sleep, for every favor

Which my God hath bestowed,

I will bless my Saviour;

O my Lord, what shall I render

Unto Thee?  Thou shalt be

This night my Defender.


Thou, my Rock, my Strength, and Tower,

While I sleep, deign to keep,

Watch from hour to hour;

Visit me with Thy salvation;

Be Thou near, that Thy care

Guard my habitation.


Leave me not, but ever love me;

Let Thy peace by my bliss,

Till Thou hence remove me;

Then, aroused from peaceful slumber,

Let me rise with the wise,

Counted in their number.