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The Praying Hands, by Albrecht Durer

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Welcome to my new blog!  This is a companion to my original (and continuing) blog, Sundry Thoughts of Kenneth Randolph Taylor.

I collect liturgical books, many of which are out of print.  Sometimes I like to share from them.  I had arranged much of this content into seven categories at Sundry Thoughts, but have deleted that content with the intention of doing what I am undertaking now, which is to create a dedicated blog for these prayers.  Sundry Thoughts is becoming a much more varied creature than I had thought it might be when I created it almost a year ago.  This is a virtue, but so is specialization.  For everything there is a time, season, and place.

Most of the prayers here come from sources other than me, although I wrote a few.  I share them because this is what I do.

May God direct you and bless you greatly.


Posted July 17, 2010 by neatnik2009

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  1. I imagine that Google of Facebook, either one and both, have the resources to let like minded people congregate more effectively than now takes place. I’ve been using both over seven years and this is the first time to ‘stumble’ over your impressive accumulation of Christian doctrine, praise and prayer items. God bless you in it, and bless those using and experiencing it, and bless its expansion and effectiveness. Robert Larry Gatton.

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