As Fades the Daylight Splendor   2 comments

Above:  Sunset

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1916) by Julius Ewald Kockritz (1876-1931)

Hymn Source = The Evangelical Hymnal (1917), Evangelical Synod of North America


As fades the daylight splendor,

We crave Thy mercies tender,

Thou Lord of Life and Light,

Thy love for us abounding,

Thy strong arms, us surrounding,

Defend and shield us through the night.


Thy grace is all prevailing,

Thy mercy never failing,

E’en though our need is great.

When trials come assaulting,

O give us grace unfalt’ring,

That we trustful Thy help await.


Sometimes the way seems dreary,

And weakness makes us weary:

Do Thou then make us strong;

That, pain and grief controlling,

We look for Thy consoling;

For Thou wilt never tarry long.


And when at last the evening

Of death shall come, revealing

The passing of this clay,

Wilt Thou then hear our pleading,

And, tho’ death’s night us leading,

Bring us to life’s eternal day.


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