In Thy Service, Lord of Mercy   2 comments

Above:  Celtic Cross

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1916) by Julius Ewald Kockritz (1876-1931)

Hymn Source = The Evangelical Hymnal (1917), Evangelical Synod of North America


In Thy service, Lord of mercy,

We would find our chief delight;

Show us then some place to labor

In Thy kingdom, Lord of Light.

In hearts that are hopeless sin’s torrents are raging,

The forces of darkness their war still are waging;

The world lies in sorrow, a lost human race,

Which naught can restore but the pow’r of Thy grace.


‘Tis not tho’ some special merit

That salvation we receive,

But because our sad condition

Caused Thee for mankind to grieve;

Constrained Thee Thy glory of heavenly splendor

For our redemption to freely surrender;

To serve the whole world in its terrible plight;

To drive out the darkness and give it Thy light.


Lord, by all Thy loving efforts

Thou didst an example give

To be followed by Thy servants,

Showing how they are to live:

Then strengthen our purpose, that we resolutely

Perform Thy good will and fulfil ev’ry duty;

And serving Thee daily, whatever the task,

We find Thy approval, ’tis all that we ask.


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