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R. Birch Hoyle   1 comment

Above:  The Flag of England

Image in the Public Domain

Richard Birch Hoyle (1875-1939) was an English Baptist minister.  He translated hymns from twelve languages into English.


Thine Be the Glory

What Joy to Think of That Vast Host


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Marianne Hearn   Leave a comment

Above:  Marianne Hearn

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Marianne Hearn (1834-1909), who wrote under the nom de plume Marianne Farmington, was a poet and an English Baptist.


Father Most Merciful!

Just As I Am, Thine Own To Be:

We Hope in Thee, O God:


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Petrus Herbert   1 comment

Moravian Logo

Above:  Logo of the Moravian Church

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Petrus Herbert (1530-1571) was a bishop of the Moravian Church and an editor of its seminal German-language hymnal, published in 1566.


O, Exalt and Praise the Lord:

Now God Be With Us, For the Night is Closing:

The Word of God, Which Ne’er Shall Cease:

Faith is a Living Power from Heaven:


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John Henry Hopkins, Jr.   1 comment


Above:  John Henry Hopkins, Jr.

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John Henry Hopkins, Jr. (1820-1891), was an Episcopal priest and hymnodist.


Come With Us, O Blessed Jesus:

Dayspring of Eternity:


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Thomas Hastings   Leave a comment

Clinton, New York

Above:  Clinton, New York, 1885

Image Creator = L. R. Burleigh

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-pga-00152

Thomas Hastings (1784-1872) composed hymn texts and tunes.


Jesus, Merciful and Mild:

Now From Labor and From Care:


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John Haynes Holmes   1 comment


Above:  John Haynes Holmes

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John Haynes Holmes (1879-1964) was a U.S. Unitarian minister.  He, ordained in 1904, served as pastor at the Third Religious Society (Unitarian), Dorcester, Massachusetts (1904-1907), then at the Church of the Messiah (later the Community Church), New York, New York (1907-1949).  He was also an activist for peace, non-violent resistance, civil rights, civil liberties, racial equality, and Jews.  In 1930 the Jewish Institute of Religion awarded him the D.D. degree.


The Voice of God is Calling:

God of the Nations, Near and Far:

Show Us Thy Way, O God:

O’er Continent and Ocean:

O God, Whose Smile is in the Sky:

O Father, Thou Who Givest All:


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Evelyn Renatus Hasse   Leave a comment

Union Jack

Above:  The Union Jack

Image in the Public Domain

Evelyn Renatus Hasse (June 11, 1855-May 28, 1915), born at Ockbrook Derby, England, United Kingdom, was a son of the Reverend Alexander Cossart Hasse (December 30, 1813-December 12, 1894) and Marie Elisabeth Gottiebe von Bulow (January 4, 1824-1861).  Thus Evelyn was a grandson of Christian Friedrich Hasse (1771-May 1, 1831), a German-English Moravian composer and educator.  In March 1884 the hymn writer and translator married Mary Emma Nelson (died in 1913).  He, a minister, helped to found a school (at Bristol) for foreign missions, became a bishop in 1904, began to serve as a provincial elder two years later, and worked on The Liturgy and Canticles (1914) of the Moravian Church in Great Britain and Ireland.  He died at Hampshire, England.


Almighty Lord, Whose Sovereign Right:

Come, Let Us All With Gladness Raise:


William Josiah Irons   2 comments

St. Mary Woolnoth Church, London

Above:  St. Mary Woolnoth Church, London, England, United Kingdom, 1900

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-ggbain-50412

William Josiah Irons (1812-1883), a priest of the Church of England, wrote and translated hymns.


Sing With All the Sons of Glory:

Dies Irae:

Father of Love, Our Guide and Friend:


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Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe   5 comments

Luther Rose

Above:  The Luther Rose

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Anna Bernadine Dorothy Hoppe (1889-1941), of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was one of the best hymn writers and translators the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) produced.  Her texts seem to have fallen out of favor with editorial committees recent North American Lutheran hymnals, however.  My survey of the most recent denominational hymnals (1993-2006) among North American Lutherans has yielded the following results:

  1. Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary (1996, The Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)–no Hoppe hymns;
  2. Christian Worship:  A Lutheran Hymnal (1993, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod) and Lutheran Service Book (2006, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod)–one Hoppe hymn each; and
  3. Ambassador Hymnal for Lutheran Worship (1994, Association of Free Lutheran Congregations)–two Hoppe hymns.

Also, The Covenant Hymnal:  A Worshipbook (1996, the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, a close relation to Scandinavian Lutheranism) contains one Hoppe hymn.


By Nature Deaf to Things Divine:

Desire of Every Nation:

Eternal God, Our Father:

Have Ye Heard the Invitation:

Heavenly Sower, Thou Hast Scattered:

How Blest Are They Who Through the Power of Heaven-Kindled Faith:

I Open Wide the Portals of My Heart:

Jesus, O Precious Name:

Like Enoch, Let Me Ever Walk With Thee:

Lord Jesus Christ, the Children’s Friend:

O Dear Redeemer Crucified:

O Father Mine, Whose Mercies Never Cease:

O Friend of Sinners, Son of God:

O Precious Saviour, Heal and Bless:

The Sower Goeth Forth to Sow:

This Night a Wondrous Revelation:

Thou Goest to Jerusalem:

Thou Hast Indeed Made Manifest:

Thou Lord of Life and Death:

Jesus, Thou from Death Hast Risen:


Frederick Lucian Hosmer   1 comment

Frederick Lucian Hosmer

Above:  Hosmer’s Listing in an Index, Pilgrim Hymnal (1935)

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Frederick Lucian Hosmer (1840-1929) was a U.S. Unitarian minister and liturgist.


O Lord of Life:

Not Always On the Mount We:

O Thou, In All Thy Might So Far:

When Shadows Gather On Our Way:

Thy Kingdom Come, O Lord:

We Pray No More, Made Lowly Wise, For Miracle and Sign:

O Beautiful, My Country:

O Light, From Age to Age the Same:


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