Lord, I Would Praise Thee   2 comments

Above:  Easter Cross, by Jakob Häne

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1916) by Julius Ewald Kockritz (1876-1931)

Hymn Source = The Evangelical Hymnal (1917), Evangelical Synod of North America


Lord, I would praise Thee for Thy great salvation;

My soul is filled with happy exultation,

Its chief enjoyment, to proclaim the story

Of Thy great glory.


Lord, I would serve Thee in complete surrender,

And to Thy great cause my best efforts tender;

Give me a spirit, Thy control possessing,

Serving and blessing.


Lord, I would love Thee, Thou art love deserving,

For Thou dost keep me with a grace preserving;

Fill Thou my cold heart with devotion burning

And for Thee yearning.


Lord, I would trust Thee in my dying hour;

Have Thee enfold me by Thy love and power;

I shall not fear then to go forward bravely,

For Thou wilt save me.


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