O God, in Restless Living   2 comments

Above:  People Crossing Pedestrian Lane, by Abby Chung

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1931) by Harry Emerson Fosdick (1878-1969)


O God, in restless living we lose our spirit’s peace.

Calm our unwise confusion, bid thou our clamor cease.

Let anxious hearts grow quiet, like pools at evening still,

till thy reflected heaves all our spirits fill.


Teach us, beyond our striving, the rich rewards of rest.

Who does not live serenely is never deeply bless’d.

O tranquil, radiant Sunlight, bring thou our lives to flow’r,

less wearied with our effort, more aware of pow’r.


Receptive make our spirits, our need is to be still.

As dawn fades flick’ring candle, so dim our anxious will.

Reveal thy radiance through us, thine ample strength release.

Not ours, but thine the triumph in the pow’r of peace.


We grow not wise by struggling, we gain but things by strain.

We cease to water gardens, when comes thy plenteous rain.

O, beautify our spirits in restfulness from strife,

enrich our souls in secret with abundant life.

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