Holy Spirit, Ever Dwelling   3 comments

Above:  Pentecost Dove

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Text (originally four stanzas) by Timothy Rees (1874-1939)

Hymn Source = Worship Supplement (1969), The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and the Synod of Evangelical Lutheran Churches


Holy Spirit, ever dwelling

In the holiest realms of light;

Holy Spirit, ever brooding

O’er a world of gloom and night;

Holy Spirit, ever raising

Sons of earth to thrones on high;

Living, life-imparting Spirit,

Thee we praise and magnify.


Holy Spirit, ever living

As the Church’s very life;

Holy Spirit, ever striving

Through her in a ceaseless strife;

Holy Spirit, ever forming

In the Church the mind of Christ;

Thee we praise with endless worship

For thy fruit and gifts unpriced.


Holy Spirit, ever working

Through the Church’s ministry;

Quickening, strengthening, and absolving,

Setting captive sinners free;

Holy Spirit, ever binding

Age to age and soul to soul,

In a fellowship unending

Thee we worship and extol.

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