The Star of Morn Has Risen   1 comment

Sunrise Over the Ocean

Above:  Sunrise Over the Ocean

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Church Hymns with Tunes (1900), The Church of England

Text by Greville Philimore (1821-1884)


The star of morn has risen;

O Lord, to Thee we pray:

O uncreated Light of Light,

Guide Thou our way.


Sinless, be Tongue and hand,

And innocent the mind,

Let simple truth be on our lips,

Our hearts be kind.


Let not the flesh prevail,

But all be ruled by good;

The gift of temperance bestow

In drink and food.


As the swift day rolls on,

Still, Lord, our Guardian be,

And keep the portals of our hearts

From evil free.


Grant that our daily toil

May to Thy glory tend;

And as our hours begin with Thee,

So may they end.


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