Now From Labor and From Care   1 comment

Red Sunset

Above:  Red Sunset

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1850) by Thomas Hastings (1784-1872)

Hymn Source = American Hymns Old and New (1980)


Now from labor and from care

Evening hours have set me free,

In the work of praise and prayer,

Lord, I would converse with thee,

O behold me from above,

Fill me with a Saviour’s love.


Sin and sorrow, guilt and woe

Wither all my earthly joys;

Nought can charm me here below,

But my Saviour’s melting voice,

Lord, forgive, thy grace restore,

Make me thine for evermore.


For the blessings of this day,

For the mercies of this hour,

For the gospel’s cheering ray,

For the Spirit’s quickening power,

Grateful notes to thee I raise,

O accept the song of praise.


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