God Bless All the Workers   1 comment

Labor Day Parade

Above:  Labor Day Parade, 1910

Image Creator = Bain News Service

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-ggbain-14667

Text by Maria Matilda Penstone (1859-1910)

Hymn Source = The Church School Hymnal for Youth (1928)


1.  God bless all the workers

Laboring for men’s good,

Who in fields and cities

Seek our daily food.

Those in mines and workshops,

Those who sail the sea,

Lord, in all our labors,

May we think on Thee.


Lord, to all the workers

May Thy grace be given;

While on earth they labor

Lift their hearts to heaven.

2.  Jesus was a Worker,

Toiled by Joseph’s side,

Brother to all workers,

Dwelling far and wide.

Jesus! to the workers

Strength and comfort bring,

Thou dost know our labors;

Be the workers’ King!


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