Dear God, Our Father, at Thy Knee Confessing   1 comment

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Above:  Episcopal Church of the Holy Family, Jasper, Georgia, June 21, 2015

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Text (1926) by Katharine Lee Bates (1859-1929)

Hymn Source = Christian Youth Hymnal (1948), The United Lutheran Church in America


1.  Dear God, our Father, at Thy knee confessing

Our sins and follies, close in Thine embrace,

Children forgiven, happy in Thy blessing,

Deepen our spirits to receive Thy grace.

2.  Not for more beauty would our eyes entreat Thee,

Flooded with beauty, beauty everywhere;

Only for keener vision that may greet Thee

In all Thy vestures of the earth and air.

3.  The stars and rainbows are Thy wondrous wearing

Sunlight and shadow moving on the hills;

Holy the meadow where Thy feet are faring,

Holy the brooklet that Thy laughter fills.

4.  Not for more love our craving hearts implore Thee,

But for more power to love until they glow

Like hearths of comfort, eager to restore Thee,

Hidden in human wretchedness and woe.

5.  In souls most sullen Thou art softly dreaming

Of saints and heroes wrought from Thy divine

Pity and patience, still the lost redeeming.

Deepen our spirits for a love like Thine.

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