Thy Love to Me, O Christ   1 comment

Good Shepherd 02

Above:  Good Shepherd

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Psalter Hymnal (1959), Christian Reformed Church in North America

Text (1886) by Mary Cornelia Bishop Gates (1842-1905)


1.  Thy love to me, O Christ,

Thy love to me,

Not mine to Thee, I plead,

Not mine to Thee.

This is my comfort strong,

This is my joyful song,

Thy love to me,

Thy love to me.

2.  Thy record I believe,

Thy Word to me;

Thy love I now receive,

Full, changeless, free–

Love from the sinless Son,

Love to the sinful one,

Thy love to me,

Thy love to me.

3.  Immortal love of Thine,

Thy sacrifice,

Infinite need of mine

Fully supplies.

Streams of Thy heavenly power

Flow to me, hour by hour,

Thy love to me,

Thy love to me.

4.  Let me more clearly trace

Thy love to me,

See in the Father’s face

His love to Thee,

Know as He loves the Son,

So dost Thou love Thine own,

Thy love to me,

Thy love to me.

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