O Master, May My Days Be Spent   1 comment

Above:  Christ Pantocrator

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Words (1951), by Kenneth I. Morse (1913-1999), Editor of Church of the Brethren Hymnals

His Obituary:


Hymn Source = The Hymnal of the Evangelical United Brethren Church (1957)


1.  O Master, may my days be spent only for Thee,

As Thou didst Thy yeas of youth living for me.

So let me serve Thee, loving neighbor and God,

In deep devotion walking where Thou hast trod.

2.  O Jesus, may my hands be skilled, working for Thee,

As Thine were trained to touch the blind, making them see.

So let my fingers carry healing and balm

That they who suffer may be filled with Thy calm.

3.  O Savior, may my voice be raised, speaking for Thee,

As Thou didst win the hearts of men, setting them free.

So let me witness what Thy power can prove;

So let me call men to Thy kingdom of love.

4.  O Lord of life and beauty, Thou livest for me;

As Thou didst serve Thy Father, Thy servant I’d be.

So in this darkness, let me herald Thy light,

That with its coming, dawn will banish the night.

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