O God, Accept My Heart This Day   1 comment

My Confirmation Certificate, from December 22, 1991

Matthew Bridges (1800-1894) was an English poet and hymn writer.  Raised in the Church of England, he crossed the Tiber River under the influence of John Henry Newman.

Bridges wrote this lovely Confirmation hymn.  Confirmation is one of my favorite sacraments.  After my 1991 Confirmation at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Tifton, Georgia, I reaffirmed in 2003 at Trinity Episcopal Church, Statesboro, Georgia, and in 2008 at the Cathedral of St. Philip, Atlanta, Georgia.  An occasional reaffirmation is healthy.  I, being an observant Episcopalian, do this in the proscribed, ritualistic way.  This is good, for rituals help mark passages in life.



1.  O God, accept my heart this day,

And make it always thine,

That I from thee no more may stray,

No more from thee decline.

2.  Before the Cross of him who died,

Behold, I prostrate fall;

Let every sin be crucified,

And Christ be all in all.

3.  Anoint me with thy heavenly grace,

And seal me for thine own,

That I may see thy glorious face,

And worship at thy throne.

4.  Let every thought and work and word

To thee be ever given;

Then life shall be thy service, Lord,

And death the gate of heaven.

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