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Dear Lord, Each Selfish Thought We Think   1 comment

Above:  Items Donated to the Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Decatur, Georgia, June 11, 2017

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Text (1892) by Lucy Larcom (1826-1893)

Hymn Source = Worship and Song (Revised Edition) (1921), U.S. Congregationalist


Dear Lord, each selfish thought we think

Puts us afar from Thee;

Into our own dark depths we sink,

Where heaven can never be.


Teach us to know Thee as Thou art;

To give as Thou hast given!

O show us how the loving heart

May make this world a heaven!

Father Most Merciful!   1 comment

Above: Suffused Light at Dawn

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1878) by Marianne Hearn (1834-1909)

Hymn Source = Worship and Song (1921), National Council of Congregational Churches


Father most merciful!  Glad in the dawning

All things awake to sing praises to thee;

Thou art the giver of joy in the morning,

Spreading thy sunlight o’er meadow and sea.


Bright birds soar up in the thin air to greet thee,

Sweet-scented blossoms look forth for thy face;

Thy children go out into daylight to meet thee,

Finding thy footprints in every new place.


Father most merciful, give for our guerdon

Joy in thy presence whate’er may befall,

Courage to fight, or to carry the burden,

Faith to be cheerful and quiet through all.