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Above:  First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Image Source = Library of Congress

William Henry Furness (1802-1896) was the pastor the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1825 to 1875.  He was an advocate for social justice, for he favored the abolition of slavery, opposed racism and antisemitism, and raised funds for African-American schools in the South after the Civil War.

I have found some of his hymns in my collection of hymnals, but one can read more texts here.


Feeble, Hopeless, How Shall I:

In the Morning I Will Raise:


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Feeble, Helpless, How Shall I   1 comment

Christ Pantocrator Icon

Above:  Icon of Christ Pantocrator

Scan by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Parish School Hymnal (1926), United Lutheran Church in America

Text (1844) by William Henry Furness (1802-1896)


1.  Feeble, helpless, how shall I

Learn to live and learn to die?

Who, O God, my guide shall be?

Who shall lead Thy child to Thee?

2.  Blessed Father, Gracious One,

Thou hast sent Thy Holy Son;

He will give the light I need,

He my trembling steps will lead.

3.  Through this world, uncertain dim,

Let me ever lean on Him,

From His precepts wisdom draw,

Make His life my solemn law.

4.  Thus in deed, and thought, and word,

Led by Jesus Christ, the Lord,

In my weakness, thus shall I

Learn to live and learn to die.

In the Morning I Will Raise   1 comment

In the Morning I Will Rise

Above:  The Hymn

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Hymnal (1911), Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Words (1840) by the Reverend William Henry Furness (1802-1896), a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Unitarian minister involved in then-radical causes, such as the abolition of slavery


1.  In the morning I will raise

To my God the voice of praise;

With His kind protection blest,

Sweet and deep has been my rest.

2.  In the morning I will pray

For His blessing on the day;

What this day shall be my lot,

Light or darkness, know I not.

3.  Should it be with clouds o’ercast ,

Clouds of sorrow gathering fast,

Thou, who givest light Divine,

Shine within me, Lord, O shine.

4.  Show me, if I tempted be,

How to find all strength in Thee,

And a perfect triumph win

Over every bosom sin.

5.  Keep my feet from secret snares,

Keep my eyes, O God, from tears,

Every step Thy grace attend,

And my soul from death defend.

6.  Then, when fall the shades of night,

All within shall still be light;

Thou wilt peace around diffuse,

Gently as the evening dews.