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Sing Ye the Songs of Praise   1 comment


Above:  The Hymn Title, from The Evangelical Hymnal (1921)

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Evangelical Hymnal (1921), Evangelical Church (1922-1946), a forerunner of the Evangelical United Brethren Church (1946-1968) and The United Brethren Church (1968-)

Words (published in 1894) by W. Layng


1.  Sing ye the songs of praise;

Jesus is come!

High your glad voices raise;

Jesus is come!

Cast worldly cares away,

Worship and homage pay;

Welcome the blessed day,

Jesus is come!

2.  This day in Bethlehem,

Jesus was born!

King of Jerusalem,

Jesus was born!

Sun of all righteousness

Shining and blessedness,

Healing our wretchedness,

Jesus was born!

3.  Cleanse us from all our sin,

Saviour Divine!

Make our thoughts pure within,

Saviour Divine!

Lo! now the herald sound

Carols the love profound,

Telling of Jesus found,

Saviour Divine!

4.  Save through Thy merit,

Great Prince of Peace!

Give Thy good Spirit,

Great Prince of Peace!

Let not Thy love depart,

But holy gifts impart,

Born into ev’ry heart,

Great Prince of Peace!