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Star of Peace to Wanderers Weary   1 comment

Ship and Its Furniture

Above:  The Ship and Its Furniture, 1850

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-pga-06010

Text (1830) by Jane Cross Bell Simpson (1811-1886); debuted in The Seaman’s Devotional Assistant (1830)

Hymn Source = The Pilgrim Hymnal (1931/1935), Congregational Christian Churches


Star of peace to wand’rers weary,

Bright the beams that smile on me;

Cheer the pilot’s vision dreary,

Far, far at sea;

Cheer the pilot’s vision dreary,

Far, far at sea.


Star of hope, gleam on the billow;

Bless the soul that sighs for thee;

Bless the sailor’s lonely pillow,

Far, far at sea;

Bless the sailor’s lonely pillow,

Far, far at sea.


Star of faith, when winds are mocking

All his toil, he flies to thee;

Save him on the billows rocking,

Far, far at sea;

Save him on the billows rocking,

Far, far at sea.


Star Divine, oh, safely guide him;

Bring the wand’rer home to thee;

Sore temptations long have tried him,

Far, far at sea;

Sore temptations long have tried him,

Far, far at sea.

O Lord, Be With Us When We Sail   1 comment

Above:  A Schooner

Image Source = Lukas Riebling


Hymn Source = The New Psalms and Hymns (1901), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1861-1983)

Words (1865) by Edward Arthur Dayman,  priest of The Church of England and a Latinist, hymn translator, and hymnal editor


1.  O Lord, be with us when we sail

Upon the lonely deep,

Our Guard, when the silent deck

The midnight watch we keep.

2.  We need not fear, though all around,

‘Mid rising winds, we hear

The multitude of waters surge;

For Thou, O God, art near.

3.  The calm, the breeze, the gale, the storm,

That pass from land to land,

All, all are Thine, are held within

The hollow of Thy hand.

4.  If duty calls from threatened strife

To guard our native shore,

And shot and shell are answering

The booming cannon’s roar,

5.  Be Thou the Mainguard of our host,

Till war and dangers cease;

Defend the right, put up the sword,

And through the world make peace.

6.  Across this troubled tide of life

Thyself our pilot be,

Until we reach that better land,

The land that knows no sea.

7.  To Thee, the Father, Thee the Son,

Whom earth and sky adore,

And Spirit moving on the deep,

Be praise for evermore.

Almighty Father, God of Love, by Hester P. Hawkins   1 comment

A 1589 Map of the Pacific Ocean

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Parish School Hymnal (1926), of the United Lutheran Church in America

Hester P. Hawkins wrote this hymn in 1885.  That is all I know about the author, for my attempts to learn more have failed.



1.  Almighty Father, God of love,

Hear from Thy throne of light above

The pray’r that now to Thee ascends,

For blessings on our absent friends.

2.  Our loved ones we commend to Thee,

Who crossing o’er the restless sea,

Or wand’ring through a foreign land,

Are still within Thy mighty hand.

3.  It is Thy world where’er they go,

Thy sun that shines on all below;

And we may still be one in Thee,

Whose love encircles land and sea.

4.  Thou seest, even whilst we pray,

Our absent loved ones far away;

O shield them with a Father’s care,

And all their joys and sorrow share.

5.  Be with them when the day is bright,

Be near them in the gloom of night,

And guide until the end shall come

Of life’s full day, then lead them home.

Prayers for Travelers and Those Taking Vacations   1 comment

Statue of a Traveler, Oviedo, Spain

Image Source = Wikipedia

From Chalice Worship (1997), of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):

We pray for those soaring into the skies, sailing across the seas, and driving on the roads.

Give strength and wisdom to all who use the machines of travel, and those who have responsibility for other people’s lives.

Save us from selfishness and from taking undue risks; give us patience and the ability to move in this world in peace.

We ask this for our health’s sake, and for the glory of the Lord of life, our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.


Language modernized and altered otherwise from The Book of Worship for Church and Home (1965), of The Methodist Church:

Grant, O Lord, that we may so enjoy our vacation that our bodies may be strengthened, our minds renewed, and our energies quickened for the perfect freedom of your service; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.