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Ruins of Sheffield Manor, 1819

Above:  Ruins of Sheffield Manor, 1819

Image in the Public Domain

Thomas Cotterill (1779-1823) was a priest of The Church of England.  From 1817 to 1823 he served as the Perpetual Curate of St. Paul’s, Staffordshire.  He and James Montgomery collaborated on A Selection of Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use, Eighth Edition (1819), with 150 psalms and 367 hymns (25 of which Cotterill composed and 5o of which Montgomery wrote).  This volume became so controversial that a faction of Cotterill’s congregation sued him in a diocesan court.  At the time the congregational singing of hymns (instead of the traditional metrical psalms) was a contentious practice.  Archbishop of York Edward Venables-Vernon-Harcourt settled the dispute by having Cotterill withdraw the Eighth Edition and prepare the Ninth Edition (1820) under his supervision and with his financing.  The Ninth Edition, with 150 psalms and 146 hymns, circulated, but the withdrawn Eighth Edition became influential in the English-speaking world.


Jesus! Exalted Far on High:

Let Songs of Praises Fill the Sky:


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Jesus! Exalted Far On High   2 comments

Entry of Christ into Jerusalem

Above:  Entry of Christ Into Jerusalem, by Wilhelm Morgner

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Hymn Source = Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church (1917), United Lutheran Church of America (1918-1962) and its immediate predecessor bodies

Text (1805) by Thomas Cotterill (1779-1823)


1.  Jesus! exalted far on high,

To whom a Name is given–

A Name surpassing ev’ry name

That’s known in earth or heaven!

2.  Before Whose throne shall ev’ry knee

Bow down with one accord;

Before Whose throne shall ev’ry tongue

Confess that Thou art Lord;

3.  Jesus, Who in the form of God,

Didst equal honor claim,

Yet, to redeem our guilty souls,

Didst stoop to death and shame!

4.  O may that mind in us be formed

Which shone so bright in Thee,

An humble, meek, and lowly mind,

From pride and envy free.

5.  May we to others stoop, and learn

To emulate Thy love;

So shall we bear Thine image here,

And share Thy throne above.

Let Songs of Praises Fill the Sky   2 comments

Pentecost Dove May 24, 2015

Above:  Pentecost Dove, Bulletin, Pentecost Sunday 2015, St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church, Athens, Georgia

Scanned by Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

Text (1819) by Thomas Cotterill (1779-1823)


1.  Let songs of praises fill the sky:

Christ, our ascended Lord,

Sends down His Spirit from on high

According to His word.

All hail the day of Pentecost,

The coming of the Holy Ghost!

2.  The Spirit by His heavenly breath

Creates new life within;

He quickens sinners from the death

Of trespasses and sin.

All hail the day of Pentecost,

The coming of the Holy Ghost!

3.  The things of Christ the Spirit takes

And shows them unto men;

The fallen soul His temple makes,

God’s image stamps again.

All hail the day of Pentecost,

The coming of the Holy Ghost!

4.  Come, Holy Spirit, from above

With Thy celestial fire;

Come and with flames of zeal and love

Our hearts and tongues inspire.

All hail the day of Pentecost,

The coming of the Holy Ghost!