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Autumn Trees

Above:  Autumn Trees

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1863) by Greville Phillimore (1821-1884)

Hymn Source = The Presbyterian Hymnal (1874), Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.


Summer ended, harvest o’er,

Lord! to thee our song we pour,

For the valley’s golden yield,

For the fruits of tree and field;


For the promise ever sure

That while heaven and earth endure

Seed-time, harvest, cold and heat

Shall their yearly round complete;


For the care which, while we slept,

Watch o’er field and furrow kept,

Watch o’er all the buried grain,

Soon to burst to life again.


When the reaping angels bring

Tares and wheat before the King,

Jesus! may we gathered be

In the heavenly barn to thee.


Then the angel-cry shall sound,

Praise the Lamb; the lost are found;

And the answering song shall be,

Alleluia, praise to thee–


Praise to thee, the toil is o’er;

Blight and curse shall be no more;

Lo! the mighty work is done:

Glory to the three in one.


Jesus, Lamb of God!   2 comments

Crucifix I July 15, 2014

Above:  One of My Crucifixes, July 15, 2014

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Presbyterian Hymnal (1874), Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Words (1863) by Ray Palmer (1808-1887), U.S. Congregationalist minister


1.  Jesus, Lamb of God! for me,

Thou, the Lord of life, didst die;

Whither–whither, but to thee,

Can a trembling sinner fly?

Death’s dark waters o’er me roll,

Save, oh, save my sinking soul.

2.  Never bowed a martyred head

Weighed with equal sorrow down;

Never blood so rich was shed,

Never king wore such a crown;

To thy cross and sacrifice

Faith now lifts her tearful eyes.

3.  All my soul, by love subdued,

Melts in deep contrition there;

By thy mighty grace renewed,

New-born hope forbids despair;

Lord! thou canst my guilt forgive,

Thou hast bid me look and live.

4.  While with broken heart I kneel,

Sinks the inward storm to rest;

Life, immortal life, I feel

Kindled in my throbbing breast;

Thine, for ever thine, I am;

Glory to the bleeding Lamb!