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Above:  Sarah Borthwick Findlater’s Listing in the Index of Authors, Service Book and Hymnal (1958)

Sarah Borthwick Findlater (1823-1907) translated many German hymns into English.


O Happy Home, Where Thou Art Loved:

Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers:


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O Happy Home, Where Thou Art Loved   1 comment

O Happy Home

Above:  The Hymn Title

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = The Concordia Hymnal (1932), U.S. Lutheran

Original German Words (1833) by Carl Johann Philipp Spitta (1801-1859)

English Translation by Sarah Borthwick Findlater (1823-1907)

I found the name of the translator in Service Book and Hymnal (1958).  The Concordia Hymnal (1932) and its sort-of successor, The Ambassador Hymnal for Lutheran Worship (1994), list Spitta as author but do not identify the translator.


1.  O happy home, where Thou art loved the dearest,

Thou loving Friend and Savior of our race,

And where among the guests there never cometh

One who can hold such high and honored place!

2.  O happy home, where little ones are given

To Thee, O Lord, in humble faith and pray’r,

To Thee, their Friend, who from the heights of heaven

Guides them, and guards with more than mother’s care!

3.  O happy home, where each one serves Thee lowly,

Whatever his appointed work may be,

Till ev’ry common task seems great and holy,

When it is done, O Lord, as unto Thee!

4.  O happy home, where Thou art not forgotten

When joy is overflowing, full and free,

O happy home, where ev’ry wounded spirit

Is brought, Physician, Comforter, to Thee.

5.  And when at last all earthly toil is ended,

All meet Thee in the blessed home above,

From whence Thou camest, where Thou hast ascended,–

Thine everlasting home of peace and love.

Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers   2 comments

Above:  Sintra, Portugal, During the Blue Hour

Image Source =

Hymn Source = The Hymnal (1933), of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.

Original words (1700) by Laurentius Laurenti (1660-1722), choir director and cantor at the Lutheran cathedral in Bremen; English translation (1854) by Sarah B. Findlater (1823-1907), a Scottish Presbyterian and a prolific translator of German chorales into English


1.  Rejoice, rejoice, believers,

And let your lights appear;

The evening is advancing,

And darker night is near;

The Bridegroom is arising,

And soon He draweth nigh.

Up, pray, and watch, and wrestle:

At midnight comes the cry.

2.  See that your lights are burning;

Replenish them with oil;

And wait for your salvation,

The end of earthly toil.

The watchers on the mountain

Proclaim the Bridegroom near,

Go meet Him as He cometh,

With alleluias clear.

3.  Our hope and Expectation,

O Jesus, now appear!

Arise, Thou Sun so longed for,

O’er this benighted sphere!

With hearts and hands uplifted,

We plead, O Lord, to see

The day of earth’s redemption

That brings us unto Thee.