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God of Our Life, All-Glorious Lord   Leave a comment

Above:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, LaGrange, Georgia, August 19, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal (1958)

Words by the Reverend Paul Zeller Strodach (1876-1947), a minister and liturgist of the former United Lutheran Church in America (1918-1962), a predecessor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (1987-); he translated a German baptismal liturgy and wrote A Manual for Worship (1930, 1946), a standard work within U.S. Lutheranism at the time


1.  God of our life, all-glorious Lord,

Be now and everywhere adored!

Into the opening of this day

Bring grace, and love, and peace, we pray.

2.  Make clear our path, that we may see

Where we must walk to be with thee,

And listen alway for thy voice

That we may make thy way our choice.

3.  Give help for doing every task,

Nor let us fail of thee to ask

For grace in speech, for love in deed,

From wrongful actions to be freed.

4.  Inspire us to do some deed

For others’ good to help in need;

To rescue and to lead from shame;

To bless with comfort in  thy Name.

5.  Thus may we walk our way with thee,

Enabled by thy grace to be

A little less unworthy, Lord,

Of thee our Friend, our Holy God.

6.  At eventide then we will raise

A grateful heart in songs of praise;

And worship thee, and thy dear Son,

With God the Spirit, ever One.