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Above:  England and Wales

Image Source = Jet Propulsion Library, NASA


John R. Wreford (1800-1881) was an English Unitarian minister, a school master, and the author of at least fifty-five hymns.


Lord, I Believe:

A Patriot’s Prayer:


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A Patriot’s Prayer   4 comments

Above:  Houses of Parliament, London, England, United Kingdom

Hymn Source = The Church Hymnal (1935), of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ

Words (1856), by John R. Wreford (1800-1881)


1.  Lord, while for all mankind we pray,

Of ev’ry clime and coast,

Oh, hear us for our native land,

The land we love the most.

2.  Oh, guard our shores from ev’ry foe;

With peace our borders bless,

Our cities with prosperity,

Our fields with plenteousness.

3.  Unite us in the sacred love

Of knowledge, truth, and thee;

And let our hills and valleys shout

The songs of liberty.

Lord, I Believe   1 comment

Above:  St. George’s Episcopal Church, Griffin, Georgia, May 6, 2012

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = The New Psalms and Hymns (1901), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1861-1983)

Words (1837) by John R. Wreford (1800-1881)


1.  Lord, I believe; Thy pow’r I won,

Thy truth I would obey;

I wander comfortless and lone

When from Thy paths I stray.

2.  Lord, I believe; but gloomy fears

Sometimes bedim my sight;

I look to Thee with prayes and tears,

And cry for strength and light.

3.  Lord, I believe; yet Thou dost know

My faith is cold and weak;

Pity my frailty, and bestow

The confidence I seek.

4.  Yes, I believe; and only Thou

Canst give my doubts relief:

Lord, to Thy truth my spirit bow;

“Help Thou my unbelief!”