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Heavenly Father, Thy Children Are Gather’d   Leave a comment


Above:  The Right Reverend Robert C. Wright, Bishop of Atlanta, Confirming at Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Athens, Georgia, April 14, 2013

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Words by Ingvard M. Andersen (1888-1980)

Hymn Source = Hymnal for Church and Home, Third Edition (1938), of the American Evangelical Lutheran Church and the United Evangelical Lutheran Church, denominations with Danish heritage


1.  Heavenly Father, Thy children are gather’d before Thee,

Grant them Thy blessing as here in Thy house they adore Thee;

To them, accord

When they confess Thee their Lord,

Peace from above, we implore Thee.

2.  Heavenly Savior, Thy hands were so cruelly riven,

That at the font to Thee might as infants be given;

Now they are Thine,

Give them Thy blessing divine;

Feed them with manna from heaven.

3.  Heavenly Spirit, Thy temples in love Thou hast made them,

Do Thou in danger from sin and temptation aid them;

For on their way,

Dangers by night and by day

Threaten for aye to degrade them.

4.  God of our Fathers, Thy children are waiting before Thee,

Grant them Thy blessing now, here in Thy house, we implore Thee:

Lest they should roam,

Lead Thou their steps to Thy home

Where they shall ever adore Thee.