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Sing Ye Praises to the Father   1 comment

Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Text by Robert Belgarnie Young (R. B. Y.) Scott (1899-1987)

Hymn Source = The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971)


Sing ye praises to the Father,

sing ye praises to the Son,

sing ye praises to the Spirit,

living and eternal One.

God has made us, God has blessed us,

God has called us to be true;

he is Lord of all creation,

daily making all things new.


Join the praise of every creature,

sing with singing birds at dawn;

when the stars shine forth at nightfall,

hear their heavenly antiphon.

Praise him for the light of summer,

autumn glories, winter snows,

for the coming of the springtime

and the life of all that glows.


Praise God on our days of gladness

for his summons to rejoice,

praise him in our times of sadness

for the comfort of his voice.

God our Father, strong and loving,

Christ our Saviour, Leader, Lord,

living God, Creator Spirit–

by thy holy name adored!

Our Father, Merciful and Good   3 comments

Icon of the Holy Trinity Andrei Rublev

Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Swedish Text (1530) by Olavus Petri (1493-1552)

English Translation (Before 1925) by Augustus Nelson (1863-1949)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal and Order of Service (1925), The Evangelical Lutheran Augustana Synod


Our Father, merciful and good,

Who dost to Thee invite us,

O cleanse us in our Saviour’s blood,

And to Thyself unite us!

Send unto us Thy holy Word,

And let it guide us ever;

Then in this world of darkness, Lord,

Shall naught from Thee us sever:

Grant us, O Lord, this favor!


We cry to Thee with one accord,

‘Tis all that can avail us;

We cannot hear nor keep Thy Word,

If grace divine doth fail us.

Behold our lot, we humbly pray,

For our dear Saviour’s merit,

How Satan soweth tares alway,

And send, O Lord, Thy Spirit,

That we may life inherit.


O God and man, Christ Jesus blest!

Our sorrows Thou didst carry,

Our wants and cares Thou knowest best,

For Thou with us didst tarry.

O Jesus Christ, our Brother dear,

To us and every nation

Thy Spirit send, let Him draw near

With truth and consolation,

That we may see salvation.


Come, Holy Ghost, Thy grace impart,

Tear Satan’s snares asunder.

The Word of God keep in our heart,

That we its truth may ponder.

Then, sanctified, for evermore

In Christ alone confiding,

We’ll sing His praise and Him adore,

His precious Word us guiding

To heavenly joys abiding!

O Son of God, In Co-Eternal Might   3 comments

Holy Trinity Icon Andrei Rublev

Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = American Lutheran Hymnal (1930), The American Lutheran Church (1930-1960) and its immediate predecessor bodies

Original German Text by Johann Konrad Wilhelm Loehe (1808-1872)

English Translation (1894) by Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth (1845-1925)


O Son of God, in co-eternal might,

O Son of Man, clothed in the living light

Of Godhead manifest, in pow’r and glory;

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou sole Desire

That doth Thy longing worshippers inspire,

For Thee alone my spirit yearns in me;

No, bliss I find until I am with Thee.


The field is golden, flow’rs the meadow strew,

The mountains rise sublime, the skies are blue;

In these the child of earth may well find pleasure;

I too, rejoice in all of them,

But, not content, I want Jerusalem.

Where Thou art throned, thither sets my sail;

Home is not home, except within the veil.


Angelic legions, in Thy brightness bright,

Gaze on Thy face; my fathers share the sight;

The God-man’s matchless glory is unshrouded,

And from that vision, to the soul

Unmeasured waves of joy supernal roll,

That rise in full and ever fuller tone,

Like ocean surges, to the Lamb’s white throne.


Then let me go–what further hinders me?–

To mine own folk, the Son of Man to see.

No glance will I; of that majestic beauty

My eager soul would take her fill.

Joy even now, and trembling, thro’ me thrill.

I must away! Thou hast prepared my place;

My spirit panteth, Lord, to see Thy face.

All Glory Be To God Alone   3 comments

Trinity--Andei Rublev

Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Hymnal Source = The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

Anonymous German Text (1543); attributed to Martin Luther (1483-1546)

English Translation (1940) by William Gustave Polack (1890-1950)


1.  All glory be to God alone,

Forevermore the Highest One,

Who doth our sinful race befriend

And grace and peace to us extend.

Among mankind may His good will

All hearts with deep thanksgiving fill.

2.  We praise Thee, God, and Thee we bless;

We worship Thee in humbleness;

From day by day we glorify Thee,

Everlasting  God on high.

Of Thy great glory do we sing,

And e’er to Thee our thanks we bring.

3.  Lord God, our King on heaven’s throne,

Our Father, the Almighty One.

O Lord, the Sole begotten One,

Lord Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son,

True God from all eternity,

O Lamb of God, to Thee we flee.

4.  Thou dost the world’s sin take away;

Have mercy on us, Lord, we pray.

Thou dost the world’s sin take away;

Give ear unto the prayer we say.

Thou sitt’st at God’s right hand for aye;

Have mercy on us, Lord, we pray.

5.  Thou only art the Holy One;

Thou art o’er all things Lord alone.

O Jesus Christ, we glorify

Thee only as the Lord Most High;

Thou art, the Holy Ghost with Thee,

One in the Father’s majesty.

6.  Amen, this ever true shall be,

As angels sing adoringly.

By all creation, far and wide,

Thou, Lord, art ever glorified;

And Thee all Christendom doth praise

Now and through everlasting days.

We All Believe in One True God   3 comments


Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

Original German Words (1668) by Tobias Clausnitzer (1619-1684)

English Translation (1863) by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878)


1.  We all believe in one true God,

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

Ever-present Help in need,

Praised by all the heav’nly host,

By whose mighty pow’r alone

All is made and wrought and done.

2.  We all believe in Jesus Christ,

Son of God and Mary’s Son,

Who descended from His throne

And for us salvation won;

By whose cross and death are we

Rescued from all misery.

3.  We all confess the Holy Ghost,

Who from both fore’er proceeds;

Who upholds and comforts us

In all trials, fears, and needs.

Blest and Holy Trinity,

Praise forever be to Thee!

O Trinity of Blessed Light   2 comments

Above:  St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Georgia, Trinity Sunday, June 19, 2011

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = Lutheran Service Book and Hymnal (1958)

Original words by St. Ambrose of Milan (340-397); English translation by John Mason Neale (1818-1866)


1.  O Trinity of blessed light,

O Unity of princely might,

The fiery sun now goes his way;

Shed thou within our hearts thy ray.

2.  To thee our morning song of praise,

To thee our evening prayer we raise;

Thy glory suppliant we adore

For ever and for evermore.

3.  All laud to God the Father be,

All praise, eternal Son, to thee,

All glory, as it is ever meet,

To God the holy Paraclete.

Thou, Who at Thy First Eucharist Didst Pray   1 comment

Above:  Holy Eucharist at The Episcopal Church’s 2012 General Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = The Hymnal 1982, of The Episcopal Church

Words by William Harry Turton (1856-1938)


1.  Thou, who at thy first Eucharist didst pray

that all thy Church might be forever one,

grant us at every Eucharist, to say

with longing heart and soul, “Thy will be done.”

O may we all one bread, one body be,

through this blest sacrament of unity.

2.  For all thy Church, O Lord, we intercede,

make thou our sad divisions cease;

draw us the nearer to each, we plead,

by drawing all to thee, O Prince of Peace;

thus may we all one bread, one body be,

through this blest sacrament of unity.

3.  So, Lord, at length when sacraments shall cease,

may we be one with all thy Church above,

one with thy saints in one unbroken peace,

one with thy saints in one unbounded love;

more blessed still, in peace and love to be

one with the Trinity in Unity.

Morning Prayer to the Holy Trinity   1 comment

Above:  Yosemite Morning

Image in the Public Domain

Prayer Source = The Orthodox Study Bible (2008), page 1791


Arising from sleep, I thank you, O Most Holy Trinity,

that, for the sake of Your great kindness and longsuffering,

You have not had indignation against me,

for I am slothful and sinful.

Neither have You destroyed me in my transgressions.

But You have shown Your customary love toward mankind,

and have raised me up as I lay in heedlessness,

that I might sing my morning hymn and glorify Your sovereignty.

Do now enlighten the eyes of my understanding,

open my ears to receive Your words,

and teach me Your commandments.

Help me to do Your will,

to sing to You,

to confess You from my heart,

and to praise Your All-Holy Name:

of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,

now and ever, and unto ages of ages.  Amen.

O Lord, Be With Us When We Sail   1 comment

Above:  A Schooner

Image Source = Lukas Riebling


Hymn Source = The New Psalms and Hymns (1901), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States (1861-1983)

Words (1865) by Edward Arthur Dayman,  priest of The Church of England and a Latinist, hymn translator, and hymnal editor


1.  O Lord, be with us when we sail

Upon the lonely deep,

Our Guard, when the silent deck

The midnight watch we keep.

2.  We need not fear, though all around,

‘Mid rising winds, we hear

The multitude of waters surge;

For Thou, O God, art near.

3.  The calm, the breeze, the gale, the storm,

That pass from land to land,

All, all are Thine, are held within

The hollow of Thy hand.

4.  If duty calls from threatened strife

To guard our native shore,

And shot and shell are answering

The booming cannon’s roar,

5.  Be Thou the Mainguard of our host,

Till war and dangers cease;

Defend the right, put up the sword,

And through the world make peace.

6.  Across this troubled tide of life

Thyself our pilot be,

Until we reach that better land,

The land that knows no sea.

7.  To Thee, the Father, Thee the Son,

Whom earth and sky adore,

And Spirit moving on the deep,

Be praise for evermore.

Thou, Whose Almighty Word   4 comments

Above:  St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Hamilton, Georgia, June 19, 2011 (Trinity Sunday)

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta


Hymn Source = The New Psalms and Hymns (1901), of the Presbyterian Church in the United States

Words (circa 1813) by John Marriott (1780-1825), a priest of The Church of England

Marriott was a good friend of the novelist Sir Walter Scott.  Unfortunately for Marriott,

In 1824, he was attacked by ossification of the brain.

–page 422, Handbook to The Church Hymnary, edited by James Moffatt  (London:  Oxford University Press, 1927)

Publication of all Marriott’s hymns occurred after he died.


1.  Thou, whose almighty word

Chaos and darkness heard,

And took their flight;

Hear us, we humbly pray,

And where the Gospel’s ray

Sheds not its glorious ray,

Let there be light!

2.  Thou, who didst come to bring

On Thy redeeming wing

Healing and sight,

Health to the sick in mind,

Sight to the inly blind,

O now, to all mankind,

Let there be light!

3.  Spirit of truth and love,

Life-giving, holy Dove,

Speed forth Thy flight,

Move o’er the waters’ face,

Bearing the lamp of grace,

And in earth’s darkest place,

Let there be light!

4.  Holy and blessed Three,

Glorious Trinity,

Wisdom, Love, Might;

Boundless as ocean’s tide

Rolling in fullest pride,

Through the world, far and wide,

Let there be light!