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Jesus, I Live to Thee   Leave a comment



Above:  Icon of Christ the Merciful

Image in the Public Domain

Text (circa 1861) by Henry Harbaugh (1817-1867)

Hymn Source = The Hymnal for Youth (1941), Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.


1.  Jesus, I live to Thee,

The Loveliest and Best;

My life in Thee, Thy life in me,

In Thy blest love I rest.

2.  Jesus, I die to Thee,

Whenever death shall come;

To die in Thee is life to me

In my eternal home.

3.  Whether to live or die,

I know not which is best;

To live in Thee is bliss to me,

To die is endless rest.

4.  Living or dying, Lord,

I ask but to be Thine;

My life in Thee, Thy life in me,

Makes heaven forever mine.