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As Morning Dawns   2 comments

Dawn in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Image Source = Joe M500


Hymn Source = The Presbyterian Hymnal:  Hymns, Songs, and Spiritual Songs (1990), of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The Reverend Fred R. Anderson ministers at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, New York, according to that congregation’s website.  He wrote these words, a based on Psalm 5, in 1986.


1.  As morning dawns, Lord, hear our cry.

O sovereign God, now hear our sigh.

As first light brings the sun’s warm rays,

Accept our sacrifice of praise.

2.  Before You, Lord, the wicked fall,

And none shall dwell within Your hall.

The proud shall never gain a place,

Nor evil live to see Your face.

3.  Your steadfast love shall welcome all

Who seek Your house and on Your call.

O lead us, Lord, in righteousness,

As though this day Your name we bless.

4.  Let all who seek You then rejoice,

And sing to You with joyful voice.

For You shall bless the righteous, Lord.

Forever be Your name adored.