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Prepare the Way, O Zion!   5 comments

A Road in the Negev Desert

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Original words by Frans Mikael Franzen (1772-1847), a Finnish-Swedish Lutheran pastor and bishop

Translated by the Reverend Augustus Nelson (1863-1949)

Hymn Source = Service Book and Hymnal (1958), of the predecessor bodies of the American Lutheran Church (1960-1987) and the Lutheran Church in America (1962-1987)


1.  Prepare the way, O Zion!

Ye awful deeps, rise high;

Sink low, ye lofty mountains,

The Lord is drawing nigh;

The righteous King of glory,

Foretold in ancient story.

O Blest is he that came

In God the Father’s Name!

2.  O Zion, he approaches,

Your Lord and King for aye;

Strew palms where he advances,

Spread garments in his way;

God’s promise faileth never,

Hosannah sound forever.

O blest is he that came

In God the Father’s Name!

3.  Fling wide your portals, Zion,

And hail your glorious King;

His tidings of salvation

To every people bring,

Who, waiting still in sadness,

Would sing his praise with gladness.

O Blest is he came

In God the Father’s Name!

4.  The throne which he ascended

Is fixed in heaven above;

His everlasting kingdom

Is light and joy and love;

Let us his praise be sounding

For grace and peace abounding.

O blest is he that came

In God the Father’s Name!