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For All Thy Love and Goodness   2 comments

A Meadow in the Swiss Alps

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Hymn Source = The Parish School Hymnal (1926), of the United Lutheran Church in America

Words by Frances Jane Douglass (born 1829) in 1848; revised by her brother, William Walsham How (1823-1897), Anglican Bishop of Wakefield England, in 1871 for Church Hymns

This is a Spring hymn.


1.  For all Thy love and goodness,

so bountiful and free,

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

On the wings of joyous praise

our hearts soar up to Thee:

Glory to the Lord!

2.  The springtime breaks all round about,

waking from winter’s night:

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

The sunshine, like God’s love,

pours down in floods of golden light:

Glory to the Lord!

3.  A voice of joy is in all the earth,

a voice is in all the air:

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

All nature singeth aloud to God;

there is gladness ev’rywhere:

Glory to the Lord!

4.  The flowers are strewn in field and copse,

on the hill and on the plain:

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

The soft air stirs in the tender leaves

that clothe the trees again:

Glory to the Lord!

5.  The works of Thy hands are very fair:

and for Thy bounteous love,

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

But what, if this world is so fair,

is the better land above?

Glory to the Lord!

6.  O to awake from death’s short sleep,

like flowers from their wintry grave!

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

And to rise all glorious in the day

when Christ shall come to save!

Glory to the Lord!

7.  O to dwell in that happy land,

where the heart cannot choose but sing!

Thy Name, Lord, be adored!

And where the life of the blessed ones

is a beautiful endless spring!

Glory to the Lord!