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Time and Vocations   2 comments

Above:  The Author, November 7, 2012

(Photograph by the author via the computer camera)

The weather becomes colder,

Daylight Savings Time has ended,

darkness falls before 7:00 PM,

and the year has entered its final stretch.


Where has the year gone?

It seems to have passed so quickly,

more rapidly than winged Mercury,

with greater speed than the Road Runner,

with a dizzying pace.


Yet here we are,

in November.

Yet here we are,

close to Thanksgiving and Christmas.


May the rest of the year

be for all of us a time of blessings,

and may the  next year

be for all of us a time of even more blessings.


May we all love God and each other actively,

behave charitably toward each other,

seek to understand each other,

and behave merely decently.


May we act responsibly toward each other,

seek the common good,

upon which our own benefit depends,

and care for each other.


May God bless others through us,

bless us through others,

and be evident in our midst,

in deeds more than in words.


And may we be where we ought to be

when we ought to be there

doing what we ought to do

the way we ought to do it.