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As the Bridegroom to His Chosen   Leave a comment

Above:  A Statue of Jesus with Votive Candles, Baltimore, Maryland

Image Source = Library of Congress


Hymn Source = Supplement to The Book of Hymns (1982), of The United Methodist Church

Original text by John Tauler (1300-1361), a Dominican mystic

English translation (1858) by Emma Frances Bevan (1827-1909), translator of many hymns into English, daughter of a Church of England bishop, and wife of a London banker


1.  As the bridegroom to his chosen,

as the king unto his realm,

As the keep unto the castle,

as the pilot to the helm,

So, Lord, art thou to me.

2.  As the fountain in the garden,

as the candle in the dark,

as the treasure in the coffer,

as the manna in the ark,

So, Lord, art thou to me.

3.  As the music at the banquet,

as the stamp unto the seal,

As the medicine to the fainting,

as the wine-cup at the meal,

So, Lord, art thou to me.

4.  As the ruby in the setting,

as the honey in the comb,

As the light within the lantern,

as the father in the home,

So, Lord, art thou to me.

5.  As the sunshine in the heavens,

as the image in the glass,

As the fruit upon the fig tree,

as the dew upon the grass,

So, Lord, art thou to me.