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Above:  A Plain

Chalice Worship (1997), the book of worship of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) contains the following prayers for Earth Stewardship Sunday (the Sunday following Earth Day, April 22) on pages 164 and 165.

I recommend obtaining a copy of this volume legally and ethically then using it.


“The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.”

So we sing, and so we acknowledge.

Yet we know, Lord, that while the earth is yours,

you have appointed us stewards of your property.

Keep us faithful to our trust;

and make us mindful of our responsibility

both to conserve the earth’s resources

and to distribute its benefits justly and unselfishly,

for the good of humankind, and for your great glory.


Most provident God, you graciously give us all good gifts.  Teach us to care for our earth:  to till our soil responsibly, to keep our air pure, to free our waters from pollution, to harvest the warmth of our sun, and to respect the rights of all species.  May we willingly share the gifts of your goodness with one another.  We ask this of you, God of our universe.  Amen.


O God, the only source of life and energy and wealth,

defend our planet earth.

Teach us to conserve and not to squander the riches of nature,

to use aright the heritage of former generations,

and to plan for the welfare of our children’s children.

Renew our wonder, awaken our concern,

and make us better stewards and more careful tenants

of the world you lend us as our home.

Hear us, O Lord, our Creator and Redeemer, in the name of Christ.


Lord Jesus Christ,

through whom and for whom the whole universe was created,

we mourn with you the death of forests,

fruitful lands that have become deserts,

wild animals left without grass,

plants, insects, birds, and animals threatened with extinction,

lands ravaged by war, people left homeless.

As the earth cries out for liberation,

we confess our part in bringing it toward the brink of catastrophe.

Through ignorance, but often willingly,

we thought we could serve God and mammon,

unable to resist the tempation

to spend and acquire more and more possessions,

with little thought of the consequences for future generations.

Savior of the world, you call us to repentance:

to be transformed by your love, deny ourselves,

take up the cross and follow in your way.