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Sing With Awe In Strains Melodious   3 comments

Crucifix III July 15, 2014

Above:  One of My Crucifixes, July 15, 2014

Image Source = Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) (1923)

Original German words by Bishop Christian Gregor (1723-1801), the “Father of Moravian Music”

English Translation by Christian Ignatius LaTrobe (1758-1836), British Moravian minister and composer


1.  Sing with awe and strains melodious,

Sing with awe:  “Behold the Man!”

Yea, repeat in tones harmonious,

“Ah! behold, behold the Man!”

On Thy dying look, dear Saviour,

I will fix my eyes forever:

I am never tired to gaze

At Thy lovely, bleeding face.

2.  O, this makes me think with sighing,

I’m the cause:  “Behold the Man!”

But His love which I’m enjoying,

Comforts me:  “Behold the Man!”

Ah, that cruelly abased

Countenance, so marred and bruised,

Makes my eyes with tears o’erflow,

Till to Him I’ve leave to go.

3.  Wounded head, back ploughed with furrows,

Visage marred:  “Behold the Man!”

Eyes how dim, how full of sorrows,

Sunk with grief:  “Behold the Man!”

Lamb of God, led to the slaughter,

Melted, poured out like water;

Should not love my heart inflame,

Viewing Thee, Thou Paschal Lamb!