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Our Father, Unto Thee   Leave a comment

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Above:  Episcopal Church of the Mediator, Washington, Georgia, June 7, 2015

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Hymn Source = Hymns of the Spirit (1937), American Unitarian Association and Universalist Church of America

Text (before 1895) by Byron G. Russell (1850-1930)


1.  Our Father, unto thee

We now on bended knee

Our voices raise.

For all thy love has wrought,

Our life with blessings fraught,

Transcending all our thought,

We speak thy praise.

2.  And not by lips alone

Would we thy goodness own,

And worship thee,

But may our lives express

That which our hearts confess,

And we in holiness

More worthy be.

3.  And may our hands reach out

To those who round about

Demand our love.

In every hour of need

May we their pleadings heed,

Till earth becomes indeed

Like heaven above.