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Arthur Cleveland Coxe

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Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1818-1896) was the Episcopal Bishop of Western New York from 1865 to 1896.


Body of Jesus, O Sweet Food:

Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations:


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Savior, Sprinkle Many Nations   2 comments


Above:  The Globe, Swanage, England, 1890

Image Source = Library of Congress

Reproduction Number = LC-DIG-ppmsc-08878

Hymn Source = The Lutheran Hymnal (1941), Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America

Stanza #1 (1851) by Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1818-1896)

Stanzas #2 and 3 (1927) by William Gustave Polack (1890-1950)


1.  Savior, sprinkle many nations,

Fruitful let Thy sorrows be;

By Thy pains and consolations

Draw the Gentiles unto Thee.

Of Thy Cross the wondrous story

Be it to the nations told;

Let them see Thee in Thy glory

And Thy mercy manifold.

2.  Let to mortals all be given

Thee to know and life to gain,

Thee, the very God of heaven,

Thee, the Man of sinners slain.

Speak Thou hope of ev’ry mortal

Thro’ the Gospel, sweet and blest;

Lead them thro’ Thy kingdom’s portal

To eternal peace and rest.

3.  Great the need in ev’ry nation,

Dense the darkness of sin’s night;

Let Thy Spirit bring salvation,

Love’s pure flame, and wisdom’s light.

Give the Word, Thy preachers strengthen

With the prophets’ pow’r of old,

Help them Zion’s cords to lengthen,

All Thy wand’ring sheep to fold.

Body of Jesus, O Sweet Food!   3 comments

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = Christ in Song: Hymns of Immanuel, edited by Philip Schaff D.D. (London, 1870); available via Google Books

The Rt. Rev. Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1818-1896), author of this hymn, was the Episcopal Bishop of Western New York from 1865 to 1896.  The following words date to 1858.



1.  Body of Jesus, O sweet food!

Blood of my Saviour, precious Blood!

On these Thy gifts, Eternal Priest,

Grant Thou my soul in faith to feast.

2.  Weary and faint I thirst and pine

For Thee my Bread, for Thee my Wine,

Till strengthened, as Elijah trod,

I journey to the mount of God.

3.  There clad in white, with crown and palm,

At the great Supper of the Lamb,

Be mine with all Thy saints to rest,

Like him that leaned upon Thy breast.

4.  Saviour, till then, I fain would know

That feast above, by this below,

This Bread of Life, this wondrous food,

Thy body and Thy precious Blood.

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