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O Christ, Our Light, O Radiance True   3 comments

Above:  The Sun

Image Source = Lykaestria

Hymn Source = Evangelical Lutheran Worship (2006), of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Words by Johann Heermann (1585-1647)


1.  O Christ, our light, O Radiance true,

shine forth on those estranged from you,

and bring them to your home agan,

where their delight shall never end.

2.  Fill with the radiance of your grace

the wand’rers lost in error’s maze.

Set free all those whose hearts and minds

some deep delusion haunts and binds.

3.  Lord, open all reluctant ears

and take away the needless fears

of those who tremble to express

the faith their inmost hearts confess.

4.  Lord, let your mercy’s gentile ray

shine down on others strayed away.

To those in conscience wounded sore

show heaven’s waiting, open door.

5.  Make theirs with ours a single voice

uplifted, ever to rejoice

with wond’ring gratitude and praise to you,

O Lord, for boundless grace.

For Peace in God   1 comment


Image in the Public Domain

Grant us, O Lord, the blessing of those whose minds are stayed on you, so that we may be kept in perfect peace:  a peace which cannot be broken.  Let not our minds rest upon any creature; but only in the Creator; not upon goods, things, houses, lands, inventions of vanities or foolish fashions, lest, our peace being broken, we become cross and brittle and given over to envy.  From all such deliver us, O God, and grant us your peace.

–George Fox (1624-1691)

Horton Davies, The Communion of Saints:  Prayers of the Famous (Grand Rapids, MI:  Eerdmans, 1990)

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Two Quaker Prayers for Understanding   2 comments

Quaker Meeting House

Image Source = Ahc

Prayers Source = Horton Davies, The Communion of Saints: Prayers of the Famous (Grand Rapids, MI:  Eerdmans, 1990)

O Lord, baptize our hearts into a sense of the conditions and needs of all people.

–George Fox (1624-1691)


O God, help us not to despise what we do not understand.

–William Penn (1644-1718)