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Clear O’er the Hills Ring Out   3 comments

Hills in Summer

Above:  Hills in Summer

Image in the Public Domain

Text (1929) by Ferdinand Quincy Blanchard (1876-1966)

Hymn Source = New Worship and Song with Worship Services and Source Materials (1942), General Council of the Congregational Christian Churches in the United States

I found a reference to this hymn and its source at  I read the text today, after my copy of New Worship and Song arrived.


Clear o’er the hills ring out the glad hosannas,

Bright shines the sunlight on the pilgrim throng,

Onward he rides to bear his wondrous message.

Seeking its truth the world has waited long.


Will they accept him, finding God his Father;

Loving with strength and heart and soul and mind;

Will they accept and walk his way of service

Leading to wider joy for all mankind?


So through all ages still he comes appealing,

Calling the sons of men from self to God,

Quickening the love that binds man to his neighbor,

Showing the path redeeming love has trod.


Grant us, O God, the heart of full allegiance,

Teach us the secret of his gain through loss,

Fit us to build the Kingdom of thy purpose,

So to fulfill the triumph of his cross.

Word of God, Across the Ages   2 comments

St. Gregory the Great February 28, 2016

Above:  The Reading of the Gospel, St. Gregory the Great Episcopal Church, Athens, Georgia, February 28, 2016

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Text (1951) by Ferdinand Quincy Blanchard (1876-1966), for the publication of the Old Testament (1952) of the Revised Standard Version

Text copyrighted 1953 by the Hymn Society of America

Copyright renewed in 1981 by the Hymn Society of America

Copyright still in effect in Baptist Hymnal (2008), Southern Baptist Convention; and the Celebrating Grace Hymnal (2010), Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Hymn Source = Baptist Hymnal (1975), Southern Baptist Convention


Word of God, across the ages

Comes thy message to our life;

Source of hope forever present

In our toil and fears and strife;

Constant witness to God’s mercy,

Still our grace whate’er befall,

Guide unfailing, strength eternal,

Offered freely to us all.


Story of man’s wondrous journey

From the shadows of the night;

Garnered truth of sage and prophet,

Guiding forward into light;

Words and deeds of Christ our Master,

Pointing to the life and way,

Still appealing, still inspiring,

‘Mid the struggles of today.


In the tongues of all the peoples

May the message bless and heal,

As devout and patient scholars

More and more its depths reveal;

Bless, O God, to wise and simple,

All thy truth of ageless worth,

Till all lands receive the witness

And thy knowledge fills the earth.

General Prayer for the Kingdom of God   Leave a comment

Christ the King Jan Van Eyck

Above:  Christ the King, Jan Van Eyck

Image in the Public Domain

Prayer Source = Book of Worship (1942), Evangelical and Reformed Church


O thou King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, our Savior; hasten, we beseech thee, the coming of thy kingdom upon earth, and draw the whole world of mankind into willing obedience to thy blessed reign.  Overcome all the enemies of Christ, and bring low every power that is exalted against him.  Cast out all the evil things which cause wars and fighting among us, and let thy Spirit rule the hearts of man in righteousness and love.  Restore what was made desolate in former days; let the wilderness rejoice with beauty; and make glad the city with thy law.  Establish every work that is founded on truth and equity, and fulfill all the good hopes and desires of mankind.  Manifest thy will, Almighty Father, in the brotherhood of man, and bring in universal peace; through the victory of Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Prayer for the Church   Leave a comment

Coventry Cathedral 1941

Above:  Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Ruins of Coventry Cathedral, 1941

Image in the Public Domain

Prayer Source = Book of Worship (1942), Evangelical and Reformed Church


We pray for thy Church, which is set today amid the perplexities of a changing order and face to face with a great new task.  We remember with love the nurture she gave to our spiritual life in its infancy, the tasks she set for our growing strength, the influence of the devoted hearts she gathers, the steadfast power for good she has exerted.  When we compare her with all human institutions, we rejoice, for there is none like her.  But when we judge her by the mind of her Master, we bow in contrition.  O God, baptize her afresh in the life-giving spirit of Jesus!  Put upon her lips the ancient gospel of her Lord.  Fill her with the prophet’s scorn of tyranny, and with a Christlike tenderness for the heavy-laden and downtrodden.  Bid her cease from seeking her own life, lest she lose it.  Make her valiant to give up her life to humanity, that like her crucified Lord she may mount by the path of the cross to a higher glory.  Amen.

O God, Above the Drifting Years   1 comment

John Wright Buckham

Above:  John Wright Buckham

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Pilgrim Hymnal (1931/1935), Congregational Christian Churches

Text (1916) by John Wright Buckham (1864-1945), for the fiftieth anniversary of the Pacific Theological Seminary, the Pacific School of Religion since 1916


O God, above the drifting years,

The shrines our fathers founded stand,

And where the higher gain appears,

We trace the working of thy hand.


From out their tireless prayer and toil

Emerge the gifts that time has proved,

And seed laid deep in sacred soil

Yields harvests rich in lasting good.


The torch to their devotion lent,

Lightens the dark that round us lies;

Help us to pass it on unspent,

Until the dawn lights up the skies.


Fill thou our hearts with faith like theirs,

Who served the days they could not see;

And give us grace, through ampler years,

To build the Kingdom yet to be.

Come, Join the Throng on This Glad Day   2 comments

Fries Memorial Moravian Church 1917

Above:  Fries Memorial Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1917

Building erected in 1915

Image Source = The Winston-Salem Journal, October 9, 1917, page 5

Accessed via

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (1969), Moravian Church in America

Text (1915) by Henry Elias Fries (1857-1949)


Come, join the throng on this glad day,

And praise our God and King!

Let all rejoice with heart and voice

And thankful tribute bring.


This house, our God, to Thee we build

For worship, praise and prayer.

We here recount Thy mercies, Lord,

And all Thy watchful care.


Our glad hosannas here we raise

To Thee, our fathers’ God,

And with devotion we will tread

The paths our fathers trod.


With love to Thee this house we give,

Ourselves, our lives, our all;

We gladly own Thee as our King,

And crown Thee Lord of all.

Our Father, Thy Dear Name Doth Show   Leave a comment


Above:  Service of Reconciliation, the Cathedral of St. Philip, October 22, 2014

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Text (1910) by Charles Herbert Richards (1839-1925)

Hymn Source = The Pilgrim Hymnal (1931/1935), Congregational Christian Churches


Our Father, thy dear name doth show

The greatness of thy love;

All are thy children here below

As in thy heav’n above;

One family on earth are we

Thro’out its wildest span:

O help us ev’rywhere to see

The brotherhood of man.


Alike we share thy tender care;

We trust one heav’nly Friend;

Before one mercy-seat in pray’r

In confidence we bend;

Alike we hear thy loving call,

One heav’nly vision scan,

One Lord, one faith, one hope for all,

The brotherhood of man.


Bring in, we pray, the glorious day

When battle cries are still’d;

When bitter strife is swept away

And hearts with love are fill’d.

O help us banish pride and wrong,

Which since the world began

Have marr’d its peace; help us make strong

The brotherhood of man.


Close knit the warm fraternal tie

That makes the whole world one;

Our discords change to harmony

Like angel-songs begun:

At last, upon that brighter shore

Complete thy glorious plan,

And heav’n shall crown forevermore

The brotherhood of man.