O Friend Divine, With Thee Apart   3 comments

Above:  The Communion of the Apostles

Image in the Public Domain

Text (Published in 1900) by George Thomas Coster (1835-1912)

Hymn Source = The Pilgrim Hymnal (1904)


O Friend divine, with thee apart

Communing we have rest;

A blissful stillness rules the heart

That thus is blest.


Thou call’st us from the strain of care

And from the battle strife,

To win in quietude of prayer

Abundant life.


Thy call to fellowship how sweet!

With thee the silent mind

In thy great light itself can greet,

Its fulness find.


Wise patience is thy gift,–and strength

For thee to toil, then wait

For harvest days that come at length,

And ne’er too late.


With thee the boundlessness we learn

Of good for us in store,

That, much received, we yet may turn

To thee for more.


With thee communing grow we brave

Our heart with joy is rife:

No fear! and see we e’en the grave

As Gate of Life.


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3 responses to “O Friend Divine, With Thee Apart

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