Sing Ye Praises to the Father   1 comment

Above:  Icon of the Holy Trinity, by Andrei Rublev

Image in the Public Domain

Text by Robert Belgarnie Young (R. B. Y.) Scott (1899-1987)

Hymn Source = The Hymn Book of the Anglican Church of Canada and the United Church of Canada (1971)


Sing ye praises to the Father,

sing ye praises to the Son,

sing ye praises to the Spirit,

living and eternal One.

God has made us, God has blessed us,

God has called us to be true;

he is Lord of all creation,

daily making all things new.


Join the praise of every creature,

sing with singing birds at dawn;

when the stars shine forth at nightfall,

hear their heavenly antiphon.

Praise him for the light of summer,

autumn glories, winter snows,

for the coming of the springtime

and the life of all that glows.


Praise God on our days of gladness

for his summons to rejoice,

praise him in our times of sadness

for the comfort of his voice.

God our Father, strong and loving,

Christ our Saviour, Leader, Lord,

living God, Creator Spirit–

by thy holy name adored!

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