I am Not Worthy, Holy Lord   1 comment

Above:  Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery, Hanceville, Alabama

Image in the Public Domain

Hymn Source = The Church Hymnary–Revised Hymnary (1927)

Text (1875) by Henry Baker Williams (1821-1877)


I am not worthy, holy Lord,

That Thou should’st come to me;

Speak but the word; one gracious word

Can set the sinner free.


I am not worthy; cold and bare

The lodging of my soul;

How canst Thou deign to enter there?

Lord, speak, and make me whole.


I am not worthy; yet my God,

How can I say Thee nay, —

Thee, who didst give Thy flesh and blood

My ransom price to pay?


O come, in this sweet morning hour,

Feed me with food divine;

And fill with all Thy love and power

This worthless heart of mine.


One may substitute “evening” for “morning” in the last stanza.


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