Receive, O Lord, in Heaven Above   4 comments

Above:  Evening Sky

Image in the Public Domain

Original Syraic Text by St. Ephrem of Edessa (306/307-373)

English Translation by Francis Crawford Burkitt (1864-1935)

Hymn Source = The English Hymnal (1906), The Church of England


Receive, O Lord, in heaven above,

Our prayers and supplications pure;

Give us a heart all full of love

And steady courage to endure.


Thy holy name our mouths confess,

Our tongues are harps to praise thy grace;

Forgive our sins and wickedness,

Who in this vigil seek thy face.


Let not our song become a sigh,

A wail of anguish and despair;

In loving-kindness, Lord most high,

Receive to-night our evening prayer.


O raise us in that day, that we

May sing, where all thy Saints adore,

Praise to thy Father, and to thee,

And to thy Spirit, evermore.


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