To Thy Temple I Repair   1 comment

Above:  Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, May 7, 2017

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Text (1824) by James Montgomery (1771-1854)

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (1969), Moravian Church in America


To Thy temple I repair,

Lord, I love to worship there,

When, within the veil,

I meet Christ before the mercy-seat.


While Thy glorious praise is sung,

Touch my lips, unloose my tongue

That my joyful soul may bless

Thee, the Lord, my Righteousness.


While the prayers of saints ascend,

God of love, to mine attend;

Hear me, for Thy Spirit pleads;

Hear, for Jesus intercedes.


While Thy ministers proclaim

Peace and pardon in Thy Name,

Through their voice, by faith, may I

Hear Thee speaking from the sky.


From Thy house, when I return,

May my heart within me burn;

And at evening let me say,

“I have walked with God today.”

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