O Spirit, Whose Name is the Saviour   1 comment

Above:  Dawn

Image in the Public Domain

Text by Lucy Larcom (1826-1893)

Hymn Source = Common Praise:  Hymns with Tunes for Christian Worship (Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York, New York, 1913)


O Spirit, whose name is the Saviour,

Come, enter this spirit of mine,

And make it forever Thy dwelling,

A home wherein all things are Thine!


A Son of the Father Eternal,

Once with us, a Friend and a Guest,

Abide in Thine own human mansion,

Its joy and its Hope and its Rest.


Leave in me no darkness unlightened,

Unwarmed by Thy truth’s holy fire;

No thought which Thou canst not inhabit,

No purpose Thou doest not inspire.


Shut in unto silence, my midnight

Is dawn, if Thy presence I see;

When I open my doors to Thy coming,

Lo! all things are radiant with Thee.


Oh, what is sweet as to love Thee

And live with Thee always in sight?

Lord, enter this house of my being,

And fill every room with Thy light!

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