Saints of God! Lo, Jesu’s People   1 comment


Above:  St. Bartholomew, by El Greco

Image in the Public Domain

Text by John Athelstan Laurie Riley (1858-1906)

Hymn Source = The English Hymnal (1906)

A Hymn for the Feast of St. Bartholomew  (That, at least, is how The English Hymnal of 1906 classifies the text.)


Saints of God!  Lo, Jesu’s people

Age to age your glory tell;

In his name for us ye labored,

Now in bliss eternal dwell.


Twelve poor men, by Christ anointed,

Braved the rich, the wise, the great,

All the world counts dear rejecting,

Rapt in their apostolate.


Thus the earth their death-wounds purchased,

Hallowed by the blood therefrom,

On her bosom bore the nations,

Laved, illumined,–Christendom.


On this feast, almighty Father,

May we praise thee with the Son,

Evermore his love confessing,

Who from Both with Both is One.

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