Before Us, Lord, Thy Board is Spread   1 comment

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Above:  St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Calhoun, Georgia, July 10, 2016

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Hymn Source = The Christian Ministry:  Its Present Claim and Attraction and Other Writings (1894)

Text (1890) by Theodore Claudius Pease (1853-1893)


Before us, Lord, Thy board is spread,

Thy love’s unchanging token:

We share the cup, we take the bread,

Thy body bruised and broken:

And at Thy table, met with Thee,

Thy word, “In memory of Me,”

Once more to us is spoken!


No lengthening years of mist and gloom

Have power to change or bound Thee:

To-day, as in the upper room

Thy first disciples found Thee,

O let Thy Presence still our fears,

Remove our doubts, and dry our tears,

While here we gather round Thee!


We come, our hearts anew to yield

To Thee for Thy possessing:

We come, with lips but now unsealed,

A new-found love confessing:

Grant us, O Lord, Thy promised grace,

Reveal to each Thy loving Face,

And breathe on all Thy blessing!


Thou knowest all our varied need,

Our gladness and our grieving:

What joys allure, what hopes mislead,

With false lights still deceiving:

With Thee we leave our troubled past,

With Thee our future, dim and vast,–

All things from Thee receiving.


While here we hold communion sweet,

The dear, remembered faces

Of friends unseen, again we meet

In their familiar places:

For one with Thee is one with all

Who hear Thy voice and own Thy call,

Throughout the starry spaces!

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