Lord Jesus, For Our Call of Grace   1 comment

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Above:  All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Atlanta, Georgia, May 5, 2016

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Original German Text by Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760)

Stanza #1 (1734)

Stanzas #2-4 (1741)

English Translation (1789)

Hymn Sources = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) (1923) and Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (1969)


Lord Jesus, for our call of grace,

To praise Thy Name in fellowship

We humbly meet before Thy face,

And in Thy presence lovefeast keep.

Shed in our hearts Thy love abroad,

Thy Spirit’s unction now impart;

Grant we may all, O Lamb of God,

In Thee be truly one in heart.


Welcome among Thy flock of grace

With joyful acclamation,

Thou, Whom our Shepherd we confess:

Come, feed Thy congregation.

We own the doctrine of Thy Cross

To be our sole foundation;

Accept from every one of us

The deepest adoration.


Lord Jesus, to our hearts reveal

Thy grace and love unceasing;

Thy hand, once pierced with the nail,

Bestow on us a blessing;

That hand which to Thy family,

With tender love’s affection,

Ere Thou ascendest up on high,

Imparted benediction.


O Thou, the Church’s Head and Lord,

Who as a Shepherd leadest

Thy flock, and richly with Thy word

And sacrament us feedest:

What shall we say?  lost in amaze,

Our hearts bow down before Thee;

For none sufficiently can praise,

Love, honor or adore Thee.

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