Christian Hearts, in Love United   2 comments

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Above:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, LaGrange, Georgia, June 5, 2016

Image Source = Bill Monk, Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

Original German Text (1723) by Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760)

English Translation (1789) by Bishop Frederick William Foster (1760-1835)

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) (1923)


Christian hearts, in love united,

Seek alone in Jesus rest;

Has He not your love excited?

Then let love inspire each breast;

Members–on our Head depending,

Lights–reflecting Him, our Sun,

Brethren–His commands attending,

We in Him, our Lord, are one.


Come, then, O flock of Jesus,

Covenant with Him anew;

Unto Him, Who conquered for us,

Pledge we love and service true;

And should our love’s union holy

Firmly linked no more remain,

Wait ye at His footstool lowly,

Till He draw it close again.


Grant, Lord, that with Thy direction,

“Love each other,” we comply,

Aiming with unfeigned affection

Thy love to exemplify;

Let our mutual love be glowing,

Thus will all men plainly see,

That we, as on one stem growing,

Living branches are in Thee.


O that such may be our union,

As Thine with the Father is,

And not one of our communion

E’er forsake the path of bliss;

May our light ‘fore men with brightness,

From Thy light reflected, shine;

Thus the world will bear us witness,

That we, Lord, are truly Thine.

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