Jesus, Great High Priest of Our Profession   1 comment

Christ in Majesty Icon

Above:  Christ in Majesty

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Original German Text (November 13, 1748), by Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf (1700-1760), for the Feast of Christ the Chief Elder

English Translation (1789)

Hymn Source = Hymnal and Liturgies of the Moravian Church (Unitas Fratrum) (1923)


Jesus, great High Priest of our profession,

We in confidence draw near;

Condescend, in mercy, the confession

Of our grateful hearts to hear;

Thee we gladly own in every nation,

Head and Master of Thy congregation,

Conscious that in every place

Thou dispensest life and grace.


Thy blest people, trusting in Thy merit,

On the earth’s extended face

From each other far, but one in spirit,

Sound with one accord Thy praise.

May we never cease to make confession,

That Thy death’s the cause of our salvation;

We to Thee, our Head and King,

Joyful hallelujahs sing.

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