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Coventry Cathedral 1941

Above:  Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the Ruins of Coventry Cathedral, 1941

Image in the Public Domain

Prayer Source = Book of Worship (1942), Evangelical and Reformed Church


We pray for thy Church, which is set today amid the perplexities of a changing order and face to face with a great new task.  We remember with love the nurture she gave to our spiritual life in its infancy, the tasks she set for our growing strength, the influence of the devoted hearts she gathers, the steadfast power for good she has exerted.  When we compare her with all human institutions, we rejoice, for there is none like her.  But when we judge her by the mind of her Master, we bow in contrition.  O God, baptize her afresh in the life-giving spirit of Jesus!  Put upon her lips the ancient gospel of her Lord.  Fill her with the prophet’s scorn of tyranny, and with a Christlike tenderness for the heavy-laden and downtrodden.  Bid her cease from seeking her own life, lest she lose it.  Make her valiant to give up her life to humanity, that like her crucified Lord she may mount by the path of the cross to a higher glory.  Amen.

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